Building and Debugging Office Add-ins

Adding to the “fold” of Manifoldjs & Plugging-in to Vorlon.js You may not be familiar with Manifoldjs. It’s a tool that generates platform apps (like iOS, Android and Windows 10) from your web app. With version 0.5.0 of Manifoldjs we’re excited to enable new platforms with our “Bring Your Own Platform” model. Our first new platform is Office Add-ins. Office Add-ins fit in perfectly with other Manifoldjs platforms because these add-ins are all written in HTML and live on your web server, just like your Continue reading →

Manifoldjs Builds Apps for Your Platform

We’ve been working hard on a brand new version of Manifoldjs over the past few months. It has all the same great functionality you’re use to from Manifoldjs, but now it’s extensible. That means you can add on your own creation platforms to Manifoldjs. Prior to this new version, Manifoldjs generated apps for the following platforms: iOS Android Windows 8 Windows 10 FireFox Market Apps Chrome Apps A number of developers and gadget makers approached us, wanting to generate apps for their platform. With the Continue reading →