Designing Web Code in a Native App

Over the years I’ve heard developers say, “you can always tell when it’s a web app,” insinuating that web apps are lacking when compared with native apps.  These same folks will claim that web app performance is poor and the design is inferior.  Although that might have been true years ago, today’s web fairs much better than the web of yesteryear.  Our runtimes are superfast, leaving no lack of performance for apps. And the best user experience on the web is generations ahead of that Continue reading →

Web App Terminology Explained

The one thing you can always count on when it comes to the web is change.  When you are writing for native platforms, APIs and run times change maybe once a year, but in the web world every day can bring change with every browser update, or every new version of a framework.  With all this change, web developers have gotten excellent with advancing with the times. One area that has been morphing over the past few years is that of the Web App.  With Continue reading →