ManifoldJS – Building Simple Hosted Web Apps

Today at //BUILD/ 2015, we announced manifoldJS – the simplest way to build hosted apps across platforms. While John Shewchuk did a great job building a hosted web app right on-stage (you can see the recap here), I’d like to go into a bit more detail: why hosted web apps and how to build one for yourself using manifoldJS. Why hosted and manifoldJS? Hosted Web Apps bring the best of the web to store apps on with minimal effort. They are a great way to Continue reading →

Hosted Web Apps explained

A Hosted Web App should not be confused with a “Hostess Web App” which would be a web app commemorating the world’s finest junk food, the Twinkie, whos greatness has only been supplanted by the deep fried Twinkie (frozen Twinkie dipped in batter, deep fried and the served on a stick).  No, although just as cool, a “Hosted Web App” is a store app (think google play or windows store), where the content of the app is hosted on a web server.  As in, a web site. Continue reading →